Avoid seasickness

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While most of your yacht adventure will be in protected, inside waters, some portions may include outside waters with ocean swells that may affect people who are prone to sea sickness.

Nobody wants to be sick, especially when you are on vacation to relax and have a good time. Do yourself a favor and prepare. There are many remedies for sea sickness. We suggest you try one at home prior to your trip.

Here's the list of remedies in order of effectiveness:

For the absolutely "I always get sea sick" folks. This remedy is also referred to as "the patch" and can be obtained by prescription from your doctor. It looks like a little round Band-Aid and is worn behind your ear. There are a certain percentage of people who have adverse side effects to this medication. We highly suggest that if you're using this remedy for the first time, try using one at home first.

This is the best over-the-counter, pill remedy. Highly recommended! However, you need to get this medication working in your system well in advance. The biggest mistake people make with pill form remedies is that they take their first dose either right before or right after entering the "open ocean" portion of the excursion. Sea sick prone people usually spew these pills out before they can take effect. For maximum effectiveness, take one dose of Bonine® the night before we plan to enter "open ocean" and another dose in the morning when you wake up. For multiple days, don't forget to keep up with the recommended dosage.

This is probably the most well-known of remedies. You should try this at home first since it does cause "sleepiness".

These are pressure point therapy wrist bands. Most people discount this remedy because it "sounds" like a gimmick. People who have actually used the band will swear that it works. The nice thing about this remedy is that it can be added along with any of the other remedies without conflict.

We hope this helps and have a great adventure!!